Angels and Airwaves working on three new movie ideas

In a recent interview with NME, Angels and Airwaves front man Tom Delonge has revealed that the band is working on three new movie ideas.

Delonge stated:

"We’ve got three movies ideas that we’re working on, two specifically; one has a completely written script, which I can’t go into yet. But the Poet movie is a very large, ambitious idea; it’s about dreams and near death experiences. It’ll have the pacing of a mainstream film, but it’ll look very artistic. It’ll allow us to create a score album that’s very different to anything Angels And Airwaves has done in the past."

The band will be returning to Australia at the end of this month, touring as a part of the Soundwave 2012 festival, as well as playing sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne with Madina Lake and Framing Hanley.

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