Cancer Bats announce release date

Cancer Bats will release their fourth full-length album ‘Dead Set On Living,’ on April 20, 2012 through Shock Records in Australia and NZ. Once again utilizing the legendary Vespa Studios and producers Eric Ratz and Kenny Luong, ‘Dead Set On Living’ brings yet another dimension to the Bats’ menacing style of thrash-tinged hardcore rock.

The band made the following comments on the record:

“We really strived for that raw, off-the-floor vibe this time around,” begins CANCER BATS vocalist Liam Cormier. “It’s really the bridge between our live show and what we put on record.”

“We’ve been very lucky to experiment as much as we have, I love that we can have thrash songs, hardcore songs, and the more Queens of the Stone Age or Kyuss kind of groove-based tunes.”

The track listing is as follows:

  1. R.A.T.S
  2. Bricks and Mortar
  3. Road Sick
  4. Breathe Armageddon
  5. Dead Set On Living
  6. The Void
  7. Old Blood
  8. Drunken Physics
  9. Bastards
  10. Rally The Wicked
  11. New World Alliance

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