UNFD to release Silverstein album

Hopeless Records recording artist, Silverstein recently announced the release of Short Songs; the 22-track follow-up to their critically acclaimed album, Rescue, which will be released in Australia and New Zealand February 10 via UNFD.

The forthcoming album will feature 11 original songs and 11 classic punk song covers (each clocking in at 90 seconds or less) from seminal bands including The Dead Kennedys, Descendents, Gorilla Biscuits, The Promise Ring, NOFX, Green Day and more.

To show appreciation to their fans, those who pre-order Short Songs here, will be chosen at random to receive a special care package directly sent from the band. The album can also be pre-ordered on iTunes here.

Produced by Jordan Valeriote who produced Silverstein‘s previous releases Rescue and the Transitions EP, the band challenged themselves by thinking of music in a different way. Instead of constructing songs in the standard "3-minute plus" format, they cut each song’s time in half and told a story in a compact fashion. "We had some difficulties learning exactly how these songs were played and adapting them to our own abilities (ex. our Orchid cover "Destination: Blood"). Part of this made it a better challenge and definitely opened us up to a lot more playing styles." The title track "Short Songs" (originally performed by The Dead Kennedys) features guest vocals from Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), Scott Wade (ex-Comeback Kid), Chris Hannah (Propagandhi), Paul Rousseau (Burst & Bloom), Jimmy Stadt (Polar Bear Club), Daniel Tremblay (I Am Committing A Sin), Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada), and Nick Diener (The Swellers). Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) guests on The Swarm‘s "xOn Our Kneesx".

Listen to Silverstein’s covers:

Gorilla BiscuitsGood Intentions

NOFX "It’s Our Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite" here.

Listen to a new original song by SilversteinSOS


1. Sick As Your Secrets
2. Sin & Redemption
3. SOS
4. Brookfield
5. La Marseillaise
6. World On Fire
7. Sleep Around
8. My Miserable Life
9. Truth & Temptation
10. One Last Dance
11. See Ya Bill
12. Short Songs (Originally by Dead Kennedys) featuring Tim McIlrath, Chris #2, Scott Wade, Chris Hannah, Paul Rousseau, Jimmy Stadt, Daniel Tremblay, Mike Hranica, and Nick Diener
13 236 E. Broadway (Originally by Gob)
14 Good Intentions (Originally by Gorilla Biscuits)
15 Destination: Blood! (Originally by Orchid)
16 Coffee Mug (Originally by Descendents)
17 xOn Our Kneesx (Originally by The Swarm) featuring Liam Cormier
18 Scenes From Parisian Life (Originally by The Promise Ring)
19 It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (Originally by NOFX)
20 Quit Your Job (Originally by Chixdiggit)
21 The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink (Originally by Green Day)
22 You Gotta Stay Positive (Originally by Good Clean Fun)

Short Songs will be available digitally and in stores on February 10, 2012 via UNFD.

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