House Vs Hurricane part ways with vocalist and announce tour

It’s been a relatively quiet year for House Vs Hurricane, as the band finally settled from three years of touring to write the follow up to 2010’s debut album "Perspectives". Now as the band prepare to head to New York to record the album, they are ready to announce that current vocalist Chris Dicker will no longer continue with the band as they head into album #2.

"Obviously Chris was a huge part of the band, not only as a member, but as a friend. I/We sincerely wish him every blessing as he takes on a new chapter of his life, he is a gifted writer so be sure to keep an eye out for his future work," says vocalist / guitarist Ryan McLerie.

Guitarist and primary songwriter Chris Shaw is equally as positive: "Dicker‘s decision to leave was a huge impact on all of us, but it is one he had to make and we all remain close friends with him. There was never any doubt as to whether this record would happen or not. It is happening, and it is some of the best songs we have written together, we’re super excited to release it and show everyone what we have been working on for the past year."

House Vs Hurricane has already found a vocalist they are looking forward to unveiling, and will do so via video diary throughout November. Also in November, they will announce recording and release plans (including the album’s title) to the public.

Most importantly, in November the band will unveil a piece of music with the new vocalist as a sample for fans who can expect the release of a new album in the first half of next year via UNFD.

As a farewell to Dicker, and a close to the first chapter of House Vs Hurricane, the five piece will do one last tour with the current vocalist that will take in 7 shows on the East Coast of Australia. Joining on all dates will be labelmates The Bride, who will release their debut album "President Rd" on October 28th via UNFD. They encourage fans to come out and show Dicker just how much they loved having him on board, and to help the band end the year on a high note.

"This is not the end of HVH, but a new beginning. With A new singer, new sound and new life we are writing the best material we ever have and we cant wait to share it with the world!"

For a statement from Dicker, read below.

"I don’t wish to ramble on and make this any more about me than it should be. I’ve made the choice to be truthful to higher priorities in my life to this point, but that is not without saying that the past 5 years with Chris and Ryan, and the fleeting few years with Dylan and Sam, have been the best years of my life to date. I wish them nothing but good fortune and happiness in the future, and wish to see them achieve everything they dream with this band as their medium. I’ll continue to play music always, just not in such a full-time capacity.

To anybody who has let me into their home, shared something kind or encouraging, or generally supported me in any way without being asked to do so, Thank you. My last shows with the band will be scattered throughout November, with a final show in our home town in December. So, if you’ve ever been into HvH, please come out and share them with me for the last time."


Saturday November 5 – Thriller Nightclub, Brisbane – 18
w/ Sunsets
Tickets available on the door. Say House Vs Hurricane for cheaper entry.

Sunday November 6 – Sun Distortion, Brisbane – AA
w/ Sunsets
Tickets available from Kill The Music and Oztix –

Friday November 11 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide –  Lic/AA *
w/ Nazarite Vow, Graveyards
Tickets available from Venue Tix –

Saturday November 19 – Bang Nightclub, Melbourne – 18
Tickets available on the door. Say House Vs Hurricane for cheaper entry.

Saturday November 26 – St John’s Hall, Sutherland – AA
w/ The Ocean The Sky, Missouri Breaks, Alaska
Tickets available from Moshtix – and Oztix –

Saturday November 26 – Nowhere Nightclub, Sydney – 18
Tickets available on the door. Say House Vs Hurricane for cheaper entry.

Friday December 9 – EVs, Croydon – AA *
Stay tuned for ticketing information and surprise supports.

* The Bride not appearing at this show

8 Responses to “House Vs Hurricane part ways with vocalist and announce tour”

  1. movingconeheads

    Shit band loses shit cunt. Who gives a fuck. Next album will bomb. The 16 year olds who sweated these rapists have grown out of you. Give up.

  2. RhysCassidy

    ^ Wow, some people really need to grow up.
    Just because you don’t like a band doesn’t mean they’re rapists. Not going to argue musical interests, each to their own in my opinion, but thats a terrible thing to say about anyone.

  3. samfisher21

    I think the two guitarists are the only original members left now, although the drummer has been with them for a while. It’ll be interesting to see how the new record sounds, I still maintain they are one of the best live bands going around.

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