Say Anything announce album title

Say Anything have announced that their new album will be titled "Anarchy, My Dear".

The album will be released in early 2012 through Equal Vision Records.

The band recorded the new album with producer  Tim O’Heir, who the band has previously worked with on their album "…Is A Real Boy".

Front man Max Bemis had the following to say about the album in a recent interview:

"You think about the bands that Say Anything kind of gets [compared to]—at least the last couple records—and you think of Green Day or Weezer. But we wanted to push ourselves away and go off into a different direction than we did the last couple records. So we decided we would strip away any pop-punk. As much as we love Blink-182 and Green Day, I just feel like we’ve been doing a lot of that on the past couple records, and we kind of were going for a more of a Beatles, Queen [vibe]. Even if you’re talking about punk bands, then it’s like The Clash and At The Drive-In didn’t really have huge walls of power chords the whole time. And so we were like, "Lets just maybe keep the grittiness to the lead guitar," and that way it has this kind of classic rock-y feel to it—or a vintage sort of proto-punk feel to it—as opposed to a pop-rock or punk-pop thing."

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