The Maine release album details

The Maine have released details about the band’s upcoming full length album.

The album will be called Pioneer and is det to be released in late November or early December of this year.

Pioneer, the band’s third full length and follow up to 2010’s Black and White, was recorded with producer Colby Wedgeworth at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas.

In an interview with Alternative Press earlier in the year, The Maine frontman John O’Callaghan described the band’s new music;

"As far as the songs are concerned, I’m really excited about how they turned out. I don’t think it’s what people are expecting to hear from us. For us as artists, I think it’s an imperative record to put out. We need to take it to where we took it right now in order to open up doors in the future for us, as far as our sound is concerned. It’s a lot more rock ’n’ roll driven. There’s still some twang in there as far as American country or American pop goes. We tried to make a balanced record. We didn’t try to overload it with a bunch of in-your-face rock songs about whatever, you know, depressing stuff or dark stuff. There’s fun tracks in there. It’s so hard to put it into words. I’m really excited for people to hear it. I’m really anxious to see how they feel about it and anxious to hear what they think. Most importantly, this record’s for us and for those fans that have kind of stuck by our side, no matter what our songs sound like and no matter what style we kind of jump into."

Keep checking back for more details.

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