Sleeping With Sirens post new video

Sleeping With Sirens have posted the new music video for their song "If You Can’t Hang".

The song is taken from the band’s latest album "Let’s Cheers To This", which is out now through Rise Records.

3 Responses to “Sleeping With Sirens post new video”

  1. lockie_Murders

    Love this bands music, but I really cant stand looking at them or their clips. they all look like complete tools *fixes hair as he looks into the camera with a really gay stare*. compared to this, the new getaway plan clip deserves an academy award.

  2. auzziewizard

    so sick of music videos of the band playing in a dark warehouse….and the whole water/rain thing has been overdone in the last year and a half – asking alexandria killed it with that video they did earlier this year. love this band and song but not keen on the video. especially not the emphasis on teh singer.

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