Brokencyde announce Australian tour

After running wild on last year’s US Warped Tour and infuriating the press with their foul-mouthed mixture of screamo and hip-hop, the band everyone loves to hate, Brokencyde are making their way to Australia for the first time this October. They hit Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Brokencyde began making headlines after the group’s video for the track ‘Freaxxx’ spread like a virus and racked up more than 4 million hits on YouTube. The group then put a stranglehold on the online world, developing an enormous fanbase that helped catapult their debut album, "I’m Not A Fan But The Kids Like It", to #87 on the Billboard Top 200. Since then, Brokencyde has become one of the most talked about musical entities in decades, as MTVU, The LA Times, Revolver Magazine, producer Steve Albini and comic book writer Warren Ellis all cannot stop talking about the band that everyone loves to hate.

On the recording front, Brokencyde has returned with their middle fingers in the air on their sophomore effort ‘Brokencyde – Will Never Die’. For their new album, the group has pulled out all the stops to ensure that the new release is overflowing with salacious party rhythms. Put together as a whole, the album adds a polish and sparkling shine to infectious brand of crunkcore.

Live, Brokencyde are hard to reckon with. They are a thrilling, energetic freight-train of a band. “They are first and foremost, a party band… there’s no denying that as a live outfit Brokencyde are spot on!” ( Do not miss the chance to get your hands on tickets to Brokencyde‘s first ever Australian tour!

Tickets are on sale Wednesday September 7.

Thursday October 27 – The Zoo, Brisbane – 18
w/ The Monster Goes Rawrr
Tickets available from

Friday October 28 – The Gaelic, Sydney – 18
w/ TBA
Tickets available from

Saturday October 29 – Bang, Melbourne – 18
w/ I Explode LikeWe Rob Banks
For more information head to

Sunday October 30 – Fowlers, Adelaide – Lic/AA
w/ Amber Calling
Tickets available from

19 Responses to “Brokencyde announce Australian tour”

  1. heavymetal_mitch

    Who the fuck cares? There is SOOO much wrong with this shitty excuse for a “band” that it’s actually making me sick….feeling…..faint…..*passes out*

  2. Grimwade

    Get the fuck out of our country!!!
    If they come I may seriously consider spray painting the shit out of their touring van.

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