Escape The Fate guitarist leaves live line-up

Escape The Fate guitarist Monte Money has announced that he is taking a break from touring with the band. The band have made an announcement but have not offered a reason for the change.

The announcement is as follows:

DGC/Interscope Records band Escape The Fate welcomes back bassist Max Green into the band’s touring fold along with new guitarist Kevin Thrasher, substituting for Monte Money, who has decided to step away from life on the road for now. The two join singer Craig Mabbitt and drummer Robert Ortiz to fill out the group.

Green, who took the first half of 2011 to get healthy and recover from addiction says, “I’m feeling great and am glad to be back with my band. Escape The Fate is my life. This is where I belong.” Thrasher, who previously toured for years with Love Hate Hero, is excited to hit the road Escape The Fate. Although Money will still be a creative force in the band, Thrasher has taken over lead guitar touring duties. Known for his shredding, powerful playing, he is an enthralling addition.

7 Responses to “Escape The Fate guitarist leaves live line-up”

  1. FireEscape

    Hey zacky,dude can shred,will easily get another job.
    Stop being such a tough bitch fgt,you’re a shitty teenager ffs

  2. ZakMcD

    He’s decided to step away from life on the road for a while you fucking dolt. That kinda rules out playing in a band now doesn’t it? B

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