Every Time I Die discuss new album

After announcing the completion of their new studio album last month, Buffalo hardcore outfit Every Time I Die have discussed what fans can expect from the upcoming release.

The band recently caught up with US publication Alternative Press to talk about full-length number six and follow-up to 2009’s ‘New Junk Aesthetic‘.

Vocalist Keith Buckley is at pains to point out that the addition of new drummer Ryan Leger has introduced more "energy" to the group.

"Everyone [in a band] is always saying the newest thing is their best work. No one is going to be like, “You know what, to be honest, [our new stuff] sounds like shit.” [But] this is the first record we’ve done with a new drummer [Ryan Leger]. You know, we’ve had our old drummer [Mike "Ratboy" Novak] from day one.

When you make a new foundation for the band, it’s going to alter the way the things get built. It sounds like a different band; it sounds like it’s got a lot more energy to it, a lot more aggression. [Ryan’s] just a better drummer. You can tell there’s new vitality, which we haven’t had in a long time," Buckley told Alternative Press.

Moreover, the frontman affirms that the forthcoming album does not pander to any scenes and/or commercial concerns but rather is a reflection of a band making the record they want to make.

"Reading the lyrics this time and listening to the music, people can tell this is a band that, after the sixth album, is just starting to hit its stride. I don’t think we’re so concerned with our permanent record anymore that we’re upset about what’s happening, what we’ve done, what we should be doing in order to get more kids to like us, to sell more records. You can definitely tell by listening to this one we’re in it for us this time."

Fans can read the full interview here.

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