Counterparts drummer quits band

Counterparts have annnounced that drummer Chris Needham has decided to leave the band. Until the band finds a permanent replacement, former drummer Ryan Juntilla will be filling in.

The band posted the following statement:

"Some very important/sad/exciting/whatever news today. Chris Needham, our good friend and drummer for this past year has decided to leave Counterparts. Unfortunately, the band just wasn’t what Chris wanted from life anymore, and that’s basically all that can be said about that. He was an unreal kid, and we’re going to miss that silly bastard more than he even knows.

So, this being said we will be in need of a new drummer. So please, get on that shitty kit of yours and send us some videos, because we will be watching each and every one of them like fucking hawks.

However, in the meantime (this is where the news gets exciting) we’re going to be jamming with an old friend that some of you may remember. His name is Ryan Juntilla, and he played drums with us for many years. He’s been kind enough to help us out over the next little while so we can continue writing, playing shows, and hopefully putting that new record into your fat little fingers.

For those who may have missed this (trust us, there’s fucking tons of you) we’ll be heading to Getaway Studio in Wakefield, MA on August 22nd to begin tracking our Victory Records debut album. Keep checking back here for details about what is to come in the future. We’ll be seeing you ALL soon."

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