Stone Sour’s Taylor hints at writing new studio album

If a recent interview conducted with Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor is anything to go by, it appears fans are more likely to hear a new Stone Sour studio album before any foreseeable return to the Slipknot fold.

Taylor, talking backstage at the Carolina Rebellion tour, with local radio station 99.5 told fans that despite gearing up to do some upcoming shows with Slipknot, the priority seems to return to writing a new Stone Sour record.

"We’re talking about doing another STONE SOUR album. I’ve already got about 16 songs written. We’re gonna do something… This will the first time we get to do back-to-back albums. It’s something I’m pretty excited about. I’ve got a really great concept and hopefully it flushes out that way. We still haven’t gotten together and demoed everything yet. But if I have it my way, it’s gonna be the biggest thing we’ve ever done," Taylor said as transcribes.

Since long-time Slipknot bassist Paul Gray tragically passed away a little over a year ago, there’s been contradictory reports from individual members of the Iowa band regarding the future of Slipknot and the subsequent possibility of the group recording new material again.

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    Is it just me or is KYS starting to turn into ACA who can’t find anything news worthy, so they have to post the most irrelevant things to try and cover it up.

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