Falling In Reverse single surfaces

Falling In Reverse‘s new single, Raised By Wolves has surfaced, check it out here.

The track, featuring former jailbird Ronnie Radke on vocals, is set for an official digital release on June 7.

Raised By Wolves is cut from the band’s long awaited self-titled album, which is due out on July 26 on Epitaph Records.


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  1. auzziewizard auzziewizard

    Don’t get me wrong, Ronnie is great, but some of the lyrics for this new single pretty much are Escape The Fate references…:

    “I won’t back down” —ETF song title

    “I just learned that my FATE is something I cannot ESCAPE”

    “This war is mine” —- ETF song title (This War Is Ours remixed)

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