The Black Dahlia Murder official album details

Popular Michigan based death metal outfit, The Black Dahlia Murder have set a June release date for their new album, ‘Ritual‘, with the band claiming the material as their "most focused" offering yet.

Killyourstereo previously reported the group’s work on a follow-up to 2009’s ‘Deflorate‘. Subsequently, official details have emerged recently that affirm ‘Ritual‘ will see a June 21st release date via Metal Blade Records.

Frontman Trevor Strnad commented on the upcoming full-length, noting that this fifth studio release is more cohesive.

"The whole thread of the songs is more tied together than ever before…Part of it was kind of like, ‘What can we do that’s the most BLACK DAHLIA MURDER thing? What’s going to be the most quintessential BLACK DAHLIA MURDER thing we can do?’ That’s kind of what we set our foothold in. And ‘Ritual’, it just lends itself to that — it’s mysticism and magic and all of that. Everyone has an association with some kind of ritual, so we just thought it was the next logical step," Strnad said.

Furthermore, guitarist Brian Eschbach expands by stating that this album benefits from the joint contribution between himself and newest member Ryan Knight.

"It’s been more collaborative than it’s been in years…The last two albums (‘Deflorate’ and 2007’s ‘Nocturnal’) I wrote most of the music, and this one it’s almost a 50-50 effort between me and (Knight). He lifted what we were doing on the last album so much from what we’ve done before, his different techniques and stylings that he knows how to wield. It’s really exciting for us to have that be part of the band now."

Fans can read the full article here.

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