Converge’s Jacob Bannon shares his current playlist

Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon has opened up and elaborated on his current musical playlist, with the singer discussing his versatile range when recently talking to blog site, Hammer Smashed Sound.

Bannon, most noted for his frontman role with the aforementioned, iconic hardcore outfit, outlined his present musical tastes in the blog post, which range from Defheaven and Oathbreaker to Rose Kemp.

"A brutally heavy and infectious album from a band that I find to be one of the best in metallic/hardcore today. You’ll be hearing more from them soon," Bannon said of Oathbreaker’s anticipated, upcoming release, ‘Mælstrøm‘.

Furthermore, the musician had the following to say about Rose Kemp‘s ‘Unholy Majesty‘:

"Folk meets doom, meets rock, all powered by Rose Kemp’s angelic/dynamic vocals ability.

Awe inspiring work from one today’s most interesting musicians. Also be sure to search out her other available releases. They are essential."

Fans can read the full article here.

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