Underoath keyboardist will be back for Australian tour

Underoath keyboardist, Chris Dudley, has posted an update explaining his abscence from the band’s UK dates, and promising to be back in time for the upcoming Australian tour.

"Hello all, I’m taking a moment here to let you all know that due to family situations I am currently having, I will not be going on our upcoming tour of the UK and Europe. I know "family situations" is rather vague, but the long short of it is that me and my wife recently welcomed our 2nd daughter into the world. Her due date was drastically close to the beginning of this tour, so in talking to the rest of the dudes about it I decided that I need to sit this tour out to be at home with my family. With my wife recovering, my daughter not even out of the hospital yet and our 2 year old at home, it was the decision that had to be made.

"I absolutely LOVE playing for you guys and getting to hang out with you every night. It is my biggest passion next to God and my family. That being said, my family takes precedent right now and I have to be here for them. I am for sure going to be on the following tour in Japan and Australia, but I just have to take the next few weeks to take care of things here.

"As far as what the guys are gonna do keyboard-wise, I’ve talked to the everyone about it and there was no one that everyone felt comfortable with filling in for me. What we did is I got together with Tim and recorded all my parts, so I’m technically gonna be playing, I just won’t be there. It’s not my ideal situation, but we felt it would be the best thing to give you guys the best show possible. I wish I could be there with you all and my best friends but I have no doubt that the dudes are gonna come over there and just kill it every night. I will be back when we return there and can’t wait to see you all again. In talking to the guys everyone is super excited to get there so i hope you guys are equally excited. I will for sure see you all soon and I truly hope you guys have an amazing time at the shows!"

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  1. FireEscape

    Will anybody REALLY care that the keyboardist didnt show up?
    I hope he doesnt come to australia, dudes going nuts on keyboards shit me

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