Karl Schubach on Misery Signals: ‘We’ve got our methods and we’re sticking to them’

Karl Schubach, vocalist of tech metal behemoths Misery Signals, spoke to Mirovia Mag about writing with Misery Signals, the departure of Stu and Kyle, and the imminent release of his solo record.

Schubach had the following to say about new Misery Signals material:

"There are a couple of very rough demos floating around that the Morgan brothers have pieced together. We’re dedicating our time in June/July to the development of these songs as well as the construction of others to form a new full length.

"Bands that switch genres or drastically change their sound from one album to the next bother me. I can confidently say that Misery Signals will never be one of those bands to buy in to the latest trend in order to sell a few more records. We’ve got our methods and we’re sticking to them."

On what he has been up to during the band’s break:

"I found myself to be extremely busy during the so-called downtime. I was offered the opportunity to produce Your Memorial’s (Facedown Records) debut full-length in Kansas City this past summer. I also operate a small recording studio back home in Saskatchewan that seems to send a steady flow of work my way.

"I’m not sure if it was as important to take a break from the band, as it was to make sure we took the time to find the right people to fill the vacant positions in the line up. Bands, these days, seem to have a constant rotation of members. We wanted to make sure we got it right the first time."

Schubach also spoke about his solo effort.

"That record (titled “Call & Response”) is almost complete! It’s currently being mixed by Adam Getgood in the UK. I’m getting new versions of songs every day, and am extremely pleased with how it’s all coming together. The final step will be to decide how I’ll want to go about distributing it. Once that’s all sorted out, I’ll finally be able to announce a release date. If I had to guess, I’d say Fall 2011. I apologize to everyone out there who expected it early 2011, as per my claims in the Solace studio update video on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcC8roET9yg). It’s beyond my control haha."

Read the whole interview here.


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