Suicide Silence frontman discusses new album

Mitch Lucker, vocalist for Californian based deathcore outfit Suicide Silence recently chatted with US music publication Alternative Press, giving fans an insight into upcoming studio album three.

The band is currently undertaking mixing duties after finishing recording new album, ‘The Black Crown‘, with noted producer Steve Evetts. Lucker attests that fans can expect better structured songs from the band this time around.

“These are actually songs that are written and structured better than anything we’ve ever structured or composed before…We don’t need to play as fast as we can or as crazy we can all the time. It’s better to give breathers and breaks. And this record has way more groove and way more bounciness, way more catchiness,” Lucker said.

The singer also suggests that the studio album maintains a darker edge to the overall sound.

"Having the writing be more emotional, I guess, had some of the music get really dark. But it’s still heavy as fuck—the darkness that we incorporated into this record is some of the heaviest shit we’ve ever written.”

Fans can read the full interview here.

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  1. nande

    It’s alright guys, Suicide Silence just worked out a song doesn’t need to be played as fast as you can for it to be a song. Mitch you’re a stupid fuck.

  2. nande

    That came straight from the mouth of a dude who has never picked up an instrument before and trying to sound smart about music, anyone else feel that?

  3. Mopography

    The two users above this comment probably don’t realise how bad suicide silence really are in the genre known as Deathcore. Big Chocolate rapes Lucker.

  4. Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck what ‘label’ some tosser throws around. They’re a sick band, fucking killed it at No Sleep Til. Keen 🙂

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