Slipknot remember Paul Gray

Iowa metallers Slipknot have celebrated the memory of their bassist Paul Gray, on what would have been his 39th birthday. The band had the following words to say about their departed bandmate:

“Hey everybody, it’s Clown, I wanted to say that today is a very special and beautiful day. I wanted everyone to know that I am the type of person that would not commemorate a day that someone close to me passed away, but I am the type of person that celebrates the day that they were born. Today is the day that Paul Dedrick Gray was born which makes it a very, very, very special day for me and all of us who miss and love him and think about him every day. Paul, I love you and I miss you. Your friend and brother forever, Clown"

"Today is a day that will have a special place in my heart forever. It’s a special day for all, for not only me and the guys in our band and families, but for everyone to put smiles across their faces and to celebrate the emotion and beauty of one of the greatest souls to ever grace music and humanity. I spent all of last night watching our videos since our days as little kids who had a dream and fuck, Paul we did make that dream come true."

"I fell asleep last night only to wake up minutes ago with a smile on my face as my slumbers were filled with memories I’d long forgot. Even as I write this my eyes are getting a little watery. He loves all of you who embraced his music. God bless to Brenna, October and all his friends and family as well. I wish that all of you that couldn’t share time with Paul will by playing his records ‘til your ceilings crack and your ears bleed and by celebrating his memory in the glory that it is. I love you Paul and I’ll see you again soon, but not yet…not yet. Hail Paul, hail Slipknot. Your friend, Joey"

Gray was one of the founding members and primary songwriters of Slipknot. To check out the band’s video tribute which they released after his death in May last year, click here.

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