Asking Alexandria banned from Nashville venue

Press Release:

The UK hard rock sensation, Asking Alexandria, have blazed a trail of debauchery across North America over the course of numerous tours and their touring lifestyle is now becoming infamous, which has been heralded by many mainstream publications. The group’s reckless image proved to be too much for the conservative venue Rockettown in Nashville, TN who deemed the band "too controversial" and banned them from playing their venue.

This primarily Christian area hasn’t been this riled up since the days of the antichrist Marilyn Manson‘s notorious run, but Asking Alexandria make no apologies as rock n’ roll is supposed to be dangerous and exciting. They managed to move their headlining show to the Cannery Ballroom on April 12th and welcome all the haters to come and join the party.

The band’s new album "Reckless And Relentless" will be released on April 5 through Sumerian Records.

9 Responses to “Asking Alexandria banned from Nashville venue”

  1. SteveC

    listening to a song from this band is kinda like hearing a compilation of the worst metalcore cliches that were a big deal 5 years ago…

  2. PunkRawk101

    ^what this guy said
    and then u see kids getting wet for them and think-you people have no taste in anything worthwile

  3. Ultracore

    I know, I can’t believe kids like things which are outside the scope of what’s deemed socially cool by the Gods of KYS

  4. SteveC

    Asking Alexandria song structure:

    Euro metal rip-off riff
    slower breakdown
    big emo chorus
    cheesy electronic bit

  5. dannyboy234

    i dun no u guises i liek Asking alexandria the do the heaviest breakdowns, sickest electro dub step in der songs and don’t afraid anything ;3

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