Born of Osiris play prank on illegal downloaders

On the eve of their third studio album being released, US progressive deathcore outfit Born of Osiris, together with their record label, Sumerian have teamed up to prank fans illegally downloading the new release.

Initially it appeared Sumerian Records, namely owner Ash Avildsen, were furious at the supposed leak. Avildsen even went as far as posting the following comment on the company’s Facebook wall:

"Hey all you jobbers who like to steal our albums – word out on the ocean (pirates don’t use streets) is that the BOO album has leaked.. perhaps the pirate ship will leak too and sink in to the sea. in any case, enjoy pirating the record and hopefully you guys choke on a cannonball. happy torrenting you cowards! -ash"

However, this tirade has proven to be a carefully planned and novel way of promotion, crafted by the band and label themselves.

As Metal Injection reports:

"The first track on the leak is "Follow The Signs" which the band released on their Myspace page, so you get to hear the full thing. Once you get to track two, that’s when the fun starts.

Within 15 seconds of "Singularity," the band starts farting over the music, and then talking over it, with the audio of the song lowered…At certain points, the band would just put vocal bleeps over the music (BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP) with another member of the band going OUMMMMMM, OUMMMMMMM, OUMMMMMMM. There are Charlie Sheen samples. There are silly dubstep interludes. Lots of farts throughout. There would be long pauses making you forget you’re listening to the album, only to have it kick in again a few minutes later. "

The Discovery‘ is officially due out March 22nd.

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