Boomtown Records and Staple MGMT form UNFD

2010 was a huge year for The Staple Group. As well as a slew of sold out tours and successful releases, they also launched two new companies in creative agency ONE: Meaning Communicated Differently, and electronic music agency Archery Club. Now, the innovative entertainment group are looking forward to an even more successful year in 2011 with the launch of UNFD (pronounced Unified).

UNFD is a collective of forward thinking music lovers that share a simple goal: to simplify the lives of their artists. It exists as a full service music solution company, offering an ‘a la carte’ service, giving choice and freedom back to the artist with the belief system that the combination of good people coming together over good music is where the future of the "business" is heading.

Combining Staple MGMT and Boomtown Records, with the inclusion of the Boundary Sounds management roster – UNFD is now The Staple Group‘s full service music company offering artist management, label services (including distribution and marketing), touring, merchandise, publishing and business management. The UNFD roster launches with The Getaway Plan, Miami Horror, The Amity Affliction, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Illy, Deez Nuts, Briggs, Daughter, House Vs Hurricane, Grafton Primary, Heroes For Hire, Dream On Dreamer, Parades, Break Even, Clubfeet and more amazing artists, already making them one of the strongest companies in the Australian market.

Says founder Jaddan Comerford, "For years we had two factions to our company, the record label, Boomtown and our management company, Staple, but we found that as our business grew the lines became blurred between the two. It made sense for us to combine them both into a new brand fit both for the consumer and the music business. We feel that while much of the industry is scrambling to make sense of the supposedly music and record business, we have already developed a model and solution that has worked for us our artists for many years now, and will continue to work long into the future."

"Our job is to do what’s in the best interest of our artists and offer them the best possible service. We are in an exciting time where every business model is being turned on its head and the future is open to new ways of doing things. So we decided to start UNFD, build the best team possible utilising the strengths of good people with good ideas who like good music, and turn what we do into a collaborative process".

The best team possible is what they have built. The recent addition of well known industry names Stu Harvey and Martin Novosel to the already established team of Luke Logemann, Jerry Soer, Nick Yates, Seam Lam, Cam Chambers and Rachel John has made the company a strong family of similarly minded individuals fit for success.

UNFD‘s goal is not to become just another faceless organisation, they want to grow an organic community and culture within their team, artists and consumers. UNFD‘s mantra is that by being open, taking ego out of the equation and creating a meaningful relationship between the people that create, facilitate and consume the music, there will be a mutual respect that will benefit everyone.

"At first, people might be confused to what we’re trying to do but it’s really simple", continues Comerford. "Our goal is to simplify the business dealings between everyone we work with, a UNFD Artist can be signed to another label but they’re still a UNFD Artist – we just offer them the services that they want and need, we’re giving choice back to the artist. It’s a really exciting time".

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