Devildriver announce sidewaves

DEVILDRIVER has always been a band on a three-pronged mission: Work hard, rock harder, and kick as many asses as possible in the process.

Since the arrival of their self-titled debut in 2003, DEVILDRIVER have made a massive impact on the metal scene with their monstrous grooves, brutal, haunting vocals and crushing live performances. Their brilliant new album ‘Pray For Villains’ only further cements them amongst metals elite. “Frantic pace, unrelenting power and a whole shitload of attitude, Pray for Villains is a killer record…honestly, words cannot prepare you for this one.” – Metal Hammer. Prepare for the onslaught…DEVILDRIVER will be taking no prisoners!

ILL NIÑO’s roots run bloody and deep. Latin percussion, and salsa-infused bass lines mixed in with a pummelling dose of hard rock and metal. ILL NINO have discovered the perfect blend between Hispanic flavours, rock, and metal styles once again on their highly-anticipated fifth studio album, ‘Dead New World’. “Ill Niño have managed to mix the ferocity and melody of all four previous releases together creating the leanest, meanest and most beautifully violent album of their career.” – The New Review

One of hard rock’s preeminent breakthrough success stories of recent years, the Massachusetts-based quintet ALL THAT REMAINS have built their career on overcoming the odds. They have shattered previously-held expectations about just how far a band with roots in independent heavy metal can go – and with their latest album, ‘For We Are Many’, it’s clear they’re only getting warmed up. “The result is a record that throws down with the nasty and serves up a juicy platter of epic melody.” – Premonitions Of Death

It’s one thing to be prolific. It’s another thing to not only kick maximum ass with every album, but constantly challenge yourself and your fans in the process. In a modern rock landscape littered with lowest common denominator shite, NONPOINT have risen above the pack with grace and thunder time and time again. Their latest album ‘Miracle’ is brutal to say the least and "You may want to hold down the furniture. These songs will unbolt the sofa! This is harsh music, loud and angst-ridden. Each track will pound you into submission. Are you ready?" –

DEVILDRIVER, ILL NIÑO, ALL THAT REMAINS and NONPOINT will be lighting a fire up under yo’ asses in Sydney and Melbourne in March 2011.

Tickets on sale Friday December 3 at 9:00am.

Wednesday March 2 – The Forum, Sydney – Lic/AA 1300 GET TIX 132 849

Thursday March 3 – Billboard, Melbourne – 18 132 849

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