Anberlin sidewave announced

ANBERLIN have entered the big league and have firmly established themselves as one of rock’s most exciting acts.

As a band, they refuse to limit themselves to one scene or sound and are still in the game of creating extraordinary records. Nowhere is this more evident than their brilliant new album ‘Dark is The Way Light Is A Place.’ “This is a record meant to soar in arenas, but not in a way that will alienate loyal fans. No matter where you’ve been in life or where you are heading, ‘Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place’ will serve as the perfect companion.” – Absolute Punk

Commanding the stage with a gripping presence, ANBERLIN will be delivering one of their trademark explosive live performances once again, "the energy is still in high supply and the music is still perfection" – Hybrid Magazine

THE STARTING LINE have been revered for their invigorating blend of punk-pop, indie rock and emo earnestness which has garnered the group scores of accolades and loyal fans throughout their career. Rolling Stone hailed the quartet’s "fresh-faced punk ballads…" and Alternative Press praised their 2007 album ‘Direction’: "Vasoli & Co. prove they’re more than capable of crafting flawless pop-punk songs…"

Currently on hiatus, but reforming especially for their appearance on Soundwave Festival, THE STARTING LINE will be delivering their lighthearted feel, dueling guitars and curiously poetic lyrics to their ferociously loyal fan base.

The voice for the misanthropic and the hopeful alike, BAYSIDE has prevailed as rock’s leading indefinable, working class, relatable rock heroes. Every hook is infectious, all the lyrics intelligent, every riff fitting. And "when you add in their pure disregard for what people think of them, they get even better because you can know everything they do is genuine." – Driven Far Off

With Soundwave Melbourne sold out this will be your only chance to see this truly amazing triple bill in full flight.


Tuesday March 1 – Billboard, Melbourne – 18 132 849

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