Senses Fail frontman disses All Time Low

Buddy Nielsen of New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Senses Fail slandered successful pop punk bands including All Time Low and Boys Like Girls in a recent interview. In a more recent interview he confirmed his feelings, stating that he in fact likes All Time Low yet disagrees with their way of going about things.

"A band like All Time Low should have no business being associated with a band like Senses Fail, but they are. There’s no similarity whatsoever in everything that we do. The Maine might as well be Matchbox 20. All Time Low might as well be Mickey Mouse Club."

"I like All Time Low, by the way. I do actually like them. I just like making fun of them. They did it to themselves. They could have been a fucking real band, but they decided to play the game, which is good, but the game never works."

Senses Fail released their fourth studio album "The Fire" last week through Vagrant Records.

Check out the full interview video here.

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  1. ZakStack ZakMcD

    Oh hey, its the news story I read about 4 days ago on AbsolutePunk. You guys usually post things a day after AP does but this time its 4? Gotta lift your game guys.

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