Every Time I Die facing legal action over Twitter pranks

Every Time I Die may be facing legal action over the series of pranks the band posted last week when promoting their upcoming new DVD, "Shit Happens: The Series".

The band took a unique approach to promoting the new DVD, where they decided to post fake re-tweets from celebrities such as Kanye West, Andy Dick, Justin Bieber, and Jimmy Fallon on their twitter account.

Examples included:

"RT @AndyDick i did the Jimmy Kimmel show w/ @evereytimeidie in 08, they’re cracking me up, get their dvd"

"RT @JimmyFallon @everytimeidie this is brilliant, you guys need to come play my show to promote your new dvd!”

"RT @justinbieber: if I don’t have pubes by oct 26th, I’m sure the ETID DVD will give me a whole mess of em, yo!"

The band’s front man Keith Buckley explained the idea:

"It all started backstage in Germany. Jordan decided to fake retweet Obama pretending to promote the DVD coming out on October 26th. Once we saw that, we realized the possibilities were endless so we just began a fake campaign using the biggest Internet celebs we could think of. We were using every big whig that came to mind. Sarah Palin, CNN, Glenn Beck, Oprah, etc. But then we realized after a few minutes that in order to make it somewhat believable, maybe we shouldn’t take it to such an extreme. A lower list celebrity might actually fool some people. So we went for Das Biebs, Pee Wee Herman and Roger Ebert."

The band has now revealed in a series of twitter posts that they are facing legal action over the series of updates:

"It took 7 days for seize and desist papers to show up," with "Thanx for the support, glad so many people enjoyed our fake tweets but we can’t comment further on the legal troubles its caused, stay posi!" following shortly after.

The band’s guitarist Jordan Buckley posted:

"Walked around an Austrian mall. came back to the venue and found out my band’s getting taken to court. awesome. all because of twitter. cool"

Keith Buckley said on his twitter account:

"So backpeddling on @TheGunzShow and saying that most of those tweets were fake didn’t appease the celebs that knew they weren’t."

The band is yet to reveal any other details regarding their currently legal situation, so stay tuned for updates as they are revealed.

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