Norma Jean vocalist annoyed at 3CD release

Norma Jean front man Cory Brandan has vented his frustration at former label Solid State’s plans to release a 3CD retrospective, set to feature the band’s initial three studio albums.

Killyourstereo reported last week, Solid State’s plans to put out the compilation album next month. Consequently, Brandan has taken to Twitter to voice his annoyance at this release.

“Don’t buy any cd combo “deals”. Buy a new record instead. FSS!” Brandan writes.

The musician later elaborated that he is not entirely opposed to retrospective albums but instead feels there is more merit in buying something newer.

“I wasn’t complaining about the 3CD thing btw. It’s perfectly normal for me/us to want fans to buy a new record that JUST freakin came out……And it’s dumb to release something that would possibly counter those sales. It’s (sic) isn’t rocket science.”

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