Silverstein leave Victory Records, deny album title

Silverstein front man Shane Told has announced in a recent post on the band’s facebook page that the band has parted ways with record label Victory Records, and that the rumoured album title of "Set This All Ablaze" is false.

Told posted:

"While doing my daily scope out, I did not expect to see this! I’m glad to hear you guys are stoked for a new album from us, but the only thing true about what was reported is that we ARE working on new music. Our new record will NOT be called Set This All Ablaze, and we have left Victory Records. We have never been more excited for everything going on with Silverstein right now. Thanks for all the kind words and support!"

Silverstein will be returning to Australia in Febuary/March as a part of the Soundwave 2011 Festival.

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  1. AtheistPeace

    i wonder how long it will take victory to release a best of compilation from all their records on the label. tony brummel will want to cash in on every cent he can make

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