Architects talk about new album

Architects guitarist Tom Searle recently sat down with prominent UK music magazine Metal Hammer to discuss the band’s forthcoming studio album – and, according to the musician, fans can expect a slightly different release.

Coinciding with the debut of the UK metalcore group’s new single, ‘Day In Day Out’ last week, Searle talked about what the pending album entitled, ‘The Here and Now’ is slated to sound like.

“It is pretty different…It’s more melodic. But through all our records we’ve progressively explored a more melodic side of our band. I play it for people and they say “this isn’t that different.” There’s still a lot of heaviness, aggression and downtuning. At the same time there are more rock songs,” Searle told Metal Hammer.

Architects will be here in December for an Australian tour.

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  1. x__Dylan

    So far. from what i have heard its pretty fucken mad. Clean vocals are sick and his screams are pretty brutal. Its pretty pimpin if you ask me

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