Thrice post album update

Thrice have posted an update on their website regarding the band’s progress in writing their new album.

The band posted:

"Hey everyone. Writing is going really well. Right now, we are basically getting into the studio 3 days a week and cranking out as many “jams” as we can. We’ll take someone’s idea and start playing it together and see where it goes, and then record the result so we don’t forget. Once we get enough “jams” done we’ll start fine tuning them into songs. There were even a couple “jams” that happened when I was on vacation, and they were especially rad I thought. One was based on one of my demos, so it was cool to see what the 3 dudes did with a super ghetto recording of me singing and playing something into my phone. Kind of fun and healthy to hand off an idea for a second. You can get too attached and loose sight of the bigger picture sometimes. Anyway, the dudes are shredding. Everyone is playing super well and I’m mostly trying to stay out of the way and focus on melodies at this point."

The band’s latest album "Beggars" was released in 2009.

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