Lemuria discuss new album

Buffalo, New York based indie/pop band Lemuria have discussed in a recent interview the sound that fans can expect on their upcoming album "Pebble".

The band said:

"Well it’s not that far from our first album, Get Better. I think it’s a little darker, maybe a little heavier. Not in a hardcore way, though! We recorded with J. Robbins and he brought out more of what we sound like live into the recording."

They also discussed in the interview the departure of their former bass player:

"The last bass player had immigration issues, and the band had a show coming up in New Jersey, so I flew up from Texas a few days before and started practicing in the studio. Our old bass player is a Canadian citizen, and he was living and working in the US illegally. Eventually the border found out."

Click here to read the entire interview.

"Pebble" will be released on November 9 through Bridge Nine Records.

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