Escape The Fate stream new song

Nevada post-hardcore rockstars Escape The Fate have posted a song from their anticipated new album.

The follow-up to 2008’s "The War Is Ours", Escape The Fate‘s third studio album "Massacre" is set for release in November through DGC Records. The title track of the album is now available for streaming.

Check out "Massacre" here at Escape The Fate‘s myspace page.

12 Responses to “Escape The Fate stream new song”

  1. leashyyy

    no…. just no…. etf is epic fail wihout ronnie.. they are just too ghey nd shud go die…. in a whole…. fucking each other… they always do anyways…cuz they lyk it….

  2. the_angel_of_death

    i cant believe people still bring up the ronnie thing.. get over it and move on- craig is the singer of escape the fate now and im pretty sure it will always be like that.

  3. leashyyy

    everyone brings it up becuse they kno its true wen ppl say they will neva be as good cuz ronnie left… now they sound lyk a ghey emo band with a singer who im pree sure his balls havnt droppd yet…. so yea.. ppl still do bring it up… fight me cunt.

  4. DiamondsArentForever

    the chorus doesnt remind me of chester 😀
    but still nonetheless the song is great 😀
    and yeah, get over the whole Ronnie thing
    go bitch about like i dunno Craig owens getting kicked outta chidos a while back.

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