The Dillinger Escape Plan post Warped Tour recap

The Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato has posted an update on the band’s myspace blog discussing their time on the Warped Tour and giving an insight into what the band has been up to in general.

"DEP Update August 24th
Category: Food and Restaurants

This is in the food and restaurants category for a reason – because it’s gonna be tasty and mother fuckin’ delicious, just like this new Big Boi album I’m listening to right now, which is, by the way, really good. If you haven’t checked it out you absolutely should. That’s the soundtrack to this blog and the funkiest shit I’ve heard in quite some time, although new Cee-Lo is certainly lookin’ promising too. So yeah…Big Boi aside, where are we? Three months since the last blog? Well I can tell you where we AREN’T. We AREN’T on Warped Tour, which is really fucking weird after waking up for seven weeks straight in a one hundred degree grass parking lot. Waking up in a larger than coffin-sized bed, WITHOUT Liam across from me and Ben above me, is still bizarre over a week later.

Seven weeks…what happened? Well besides throwing packs of black cat firecrackers into our guitar tech/all purpose badass Doug’s bunk and having him not even blink an eye or act even remotely startled, accidentally swimming in an alligator infested lake, and watching Ben eat a birthday cake with a purple dick on it…fuck. I wish we could somehow have all of you there for every killer moment, cause the offstage stuff is twenty three hours of the day, playing is just an hour, and in the case of warped, was only a half an hour. All the REALLY good shit happens offstage. What sums it up, is that the first day of tour I sliced my finger open so deep that I could see bone(once again…enough super glue will heal ANYTHING), and the last day I stepped in dog shit INSIDE of the bus. When you bookend a tour with blood on one end and dog shit on the other…well…that gives you an indication of what must have come in the middle. I’d like to just write down a list of "stuff you shoulda been there for", like when I missed the first half of Panasonic in Pomona ’cause I was stuck in traffic, and an iron-balled guy from the crowd got onstage and manned the mic, but the list would be long and never as good as if you were all there.

Really the biggest point of this blog is just to thank every one of you that came out to Warped, and made your presence felt. It was REALLY fuckin’ cool to meet a lot of you at the signings we did every day. Those things became a daily highlight for me, it means just as much to us to meet YOU guys, trust me. Nothing’s better than meeting people who are into your band, and finding out that 99.99% of those people are people you would have a blast hanging out with…down to earth people….non-mutants. I walked away from every signing being completely psyched on the people that I met. Oh…the blog soundtrack just changed to the newest Deftones album….best since White Pony? I think so!

As you can see, we’re coming to UK and mainland Europe this October/November, with The Ocean, Rolo Tomassi(in the UK), and Cancer Bats. We’re hittin’ all the usual spots, as well as going back to Russia, AND FINALLY getting to Greece and Israel. We should get an electrical generator and play a surprise show right on the border of the Gaza strip and annoy/confuse both sides so much that they’ll forget their differences and try to kill US instead of one another. Blog soundtrack just changed to Converge – Axe To Fall…pure fury!

That’s it really. There’s some other stuff in the works but nothin’ worth talking about just yet. I hope you are all having a good summer or whatever season it is where you live. We’re takin’ a month and a half off right now, until the European tour starts on October first. Only a week into our break and I’ve seen the Bad Brains(they’re 500 years old but it was still amazing watching the band that in my eyes at one point captured and embodied everything I love about this kind of music), worked on a KMFDM remix, shot an AK-47, slept in my own bed most nights, and hung with amazing friends in all assortments of killer scenarios….but you know what? I miss you guys and touring ALREADY. When it’s in your blood….it’s in there for good. I can only hope that twenty five years from now we can still be playing and have ANYONE give a shit, the way EVERYONE did when the Bad Brains came out the other day, and people that were office workers and businessmen and construction workers by day, forgot their problems and inhibitions and LOST THEIR MINDS the same way they did when they first saw H.R. belting out "Pay To Cum" and napalming posers thirty years ago. What I’m saying is that I and we love you guys and we can’t wait to see our European friends in October/November and GO THE FUCK OFF together. When we get there lets treat every night like the sun’ll never come up again.

Always "do it live" or your last breath will be filled with regret.


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