Say Anything post band update

Say Anything front man Max Bemis has posted a very lengthy blog post explaining the current status of the band.

Bemis denied rumours that the band has broken up, posting:

"[We have made a] unanimous decision to NOT break up, or go on "indefinite" hiatus, or whatever they are calling it, EVER. We understand why so many of our peers have needed this and don’t fault them AT ALL but since we’re a sort of a different kind of band, whose structure itself lends itself to a lot of freedom, we’re going to attack things in a different way.[…] We will only ever take time off with the objective of coming back to one day tour more and make more records together ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. You can depend on us in this sense; we’re not going anywhere."

He also revealed that the band has ended their relationship with RCA Records.

"A couple of weeks ago my manager Jordan called me up and let me know we were finally out of our contract with RCA, a partnership that’s lasted about half a decade. Say Anything will be releasing our next record on a brand new label. Whether it will be an indie or major label will depend on who is most in line with our vision of the kind of band we are and want to become."

Click here to read the entire blog.

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