The Devil Wears Prada stream new EP

Ohio metalcore outfit The Devil Wears Prada are now streaming their latest EP online.

Aptly entitled "Zombies", the Christian six-piece’s latest effort is a five song account of a zombie apocalypse. "The whole thing is just completely based upon zombies," explained the band’s frontman Mike Hranica. "Last fall, I was on a real zombie kick, I read ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’ by Max Brooks, and I thought, ‘What if we made a zombie song?’ All it took was me just saying that to the band, and we had our hearts set on doing this EP."

Deep bro.

"Zombie" EP track listing:
01. Escape
02. Anatomy
03. Outnumbered
04. Revive
05. Survivor

"Zombies" is now streaming at AOL Music.

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  1. goldenphoenix1

    theres a delay on kys news feeds if you submit news. mainly because retards keep alerting us to the new short stack video

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