Sound and Fury festival shut down after riot

Californian hardcore festival Sound and Fury was shut down after a riot broke out involving someone riding a motorcycle in the venue.

The riot began during Backtrack‘s set, leaving bands such as Bane and Earth Crisis unable to play.

An anonymous account of the events has been posted here along with videos and pictures.

Backtrack starts playing their intro, and a kid ride his bike into the venue and then into the pit. He sits in the pit for a bit and the security eyes him but doesn’t really do anything. At this point, there are no cops at Earl Warren, only private security. I’m not sure if they tried to get him off the bike or just started chasing him, but he rode the bike through the merch area and then through the backstage area to the outside. Tons of fest goers ran after because there were three or four guards chasing the biker. Kids started fighting security and someone threw that trash can, which was filled with trash at the security guards. The guards tased someone who was fighting them, maybe a friend of the motorcyclist? Maybe just retarded Californians? People got maced, everyone ran inside, then went outside to the front of the venue. I think the security guards called the cops who just showed up to shut down the fest.

Im not sure what happened to the motorcyclist. I would think the private security guards detained him for the cops to deal with him, but I’m not sure. Whether or not they dealt with him, they definitely turned on the crowd.

If look at the picture, the kid on the bike is wearing a silver wrist band. This year the silver wrist band is for people who are in the bands crew or in the band, so as far as him getting in with the motorcycle, you can assume he’s friends with Backtrack or one of the bands playing.

Sorry I don’t know more- I was trying not to get maced and what not. Maybe that sheds some light..

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