Eminem worried he is becoming an embarrassment to his daughters

The ‘We Made You’ hitmaker ‘ who raises his 14-year-old child Hailie, 17-year-old adopted niece Alaina and former wife Kim’s seven-year-old girl Whitney ‘ admits it is growing increasingly different to show his love for the trio as they get older.

He said: "It’s a catch-22: I want to, as a father, express my love for my girls, but I don’t want to go too far with it, where it becomes a hindrance in their lives. When they were younger… it was easier."

The 37-year-old star ‘ whose records have infamously mocked other people in the public eye ‘ has previously battled an addiction to prescription drugs and admits his problems started when he ‘ran out’ of enemies to target.

He explained to Spin magazine: "I was trapped in my head. I’d spent most of my career going against the grain. Calling bulls**t. And suddenly, I started running out of enemies.

"I started to become that cliche – my own worst enemy."

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