Rage Against the Machine boycott Arizona

Famous for their political lyrical content, Rage Against the Machine have joined Conor Oberst in announcing a concert in Los Angeles as a symbolic protest against Arizona’s controversial immigration legislation.

Playing their first hometown show in ten years, RATM are a part of a coalition of famous musicians including Serj Tankian, Sonic Youth and Kanye West who are refusing to perform in Arizona until the legislation is revoked. 

The debated bill, SB1070 allows police in Arizona to demand official proof of status from anybody that they suspect to be an illegal immigrant, with additional powers to arrest those who fail to provide this evidence.

The law has been understandably controversial, with many claiming that it will invariably lead to racial stereotyping and discrimination. 

According to the LA Times the concert is named The Sound Strike and will be held at the Hollywood Palladium on July 23. For more information regarding the protest movement visit the Sound Strike website.

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