Behind Crimson Eyes & Cola Wars East Coast Tour

Kill Your Stereo and Premier Artists Present
Behind Crimson Eyes & Cola Wars East Coast Tour July 2010

After 6 years, 400 shows, 2 EPs, 2 albums and countless bottles of Vodka later, hard rock heavyweights Behind Crimson Eyes, or BCE as they are more affectionately known, will embark on their final shows for the year before heading into the studio to record their follow up to 2009’s Self Titled LP.

“We have always been a band that has pushed the conventional boundaries of music” Josh Stuart, the band’s frontman, muses. “The way music is consumed these days has changed so much since we started back in 2004, yet we see the same monotonous album release cycle that has been in place for over a decade. We want to do something different, something grand and something that will be more in line with the times.” That ‘something’ is a 3 part EP series entitled “See You In Hell”, with the first chapter set for release later this year, and subsequent EP’s a couple of months later.

“We realise that people don’t want to have to wait 12 to 18 months to hear new material. This method will enable us to get back to our roots and constantly deliver new music to our fans.”

This ‘grass roots’ ethic will resonate into their final tour for 2010 where we will see BCE play a selection of music from their back catalogue, including material from their 2004 demo CDs, EPs and the hugely successful first LP, ‘A Revelation For Despair’, as well as some new tracks. “We wanted this last tour to be a big thank you to all our fans for all their support over the years,” Stuart says.

Joining BCE on their final tour for the year is exciting new-comers Cola Wars (ex members of Bodyjar) who release their debut record ‘Invader’ on the June 18th.

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Thursday July 8 Annandale Hotel Sydney (18 )
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Friday July 9 Hamilton Station Hotel Newcastle (18 )
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Saturday July 10 Thriller @ Rosies Tavern Brisbane (18 )
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Friday July 16 The Castle Dandenong (AA)
w/ Dream On, Dreamer – Nazarite Vow – The Statics
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Saturday July 17 Bang @ Royal Melbourne Hotel Melbourne (18 )
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9 Responses to “Behind Crimson Eyes & Cola Wars East Coast Tour”

  1. Paully

    shit. do premier only have 3 ‘alternative’ bands on roster now? how many times do these bands wanna tour together? surely 28 days can jump on a show too…. again? lol

  2. josh238

    @Marto (2): do booking agents ever check if there is anything similar happening in a certain place, before booking a show? shikari/PWD clashes, now that. I dont care, but surely a quick Google search wouldnt go astray before making plans?

  3. Marto

    @josh238 (3): yeah tell me about it is pretty simple so what did some one dates change ??? with parkway drive or enter shikari ?

  4. Marto

    @KYS-Josh (8): haha thanks man just doing my thing 😛 just hate when good bands clash i wanna see BCE again last time i seen them was the princess threatre

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