Deftones Chi Cheng ‘showing signs of improvement’

Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in a coma since his involvement in a car accident in 2008, is apparently showing “marked improvement” in his condition according to an article on

The article states that Dr. Joseph Nguyen, who has followed Chi Cheng’s progress for the past eight months, confirmed during a routine checkup on May 19, 2010 that Cheng is "showing signs of improved neuro function and improved alertness at this time. Increased response to verbal stimuli. Directed movement, with purpose, seen and observed."

Doctors have been treating Cheng with a “groundbreaking protocol that applies already approved medications, electrical stimulation and nutraceuticals to the patient as a virtual cocktail”, which has an 84 percent success rate in waking up patients from minimally conscious states or vegetative state comas.

Those close to Cheng have commented on the protocol’s positive effect on his health.

He has been on their new protocol for a few weeks now and has been showing some great progress,” Gina Blackmore from said. “(He’s) more alert, trying to talk, trying to push himself up out of his chair and more”.

Blackmore created the website to raise money for Cheng’s medical treatment.

Deftones released their most recent album, Diamond Eyes, with long-time friend Sergio Vega on bass. The band had been working on an album titled Eros, but shelved it when they realised they could not complete it with bassist Chi Cheng.

Fans can read the entire article regarding Cheng’s health here.

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