Mastodon: Hinds exhibits strange stage antics

According to certain reports doing the rounds, Mastodon’s recent live performances have been anything but harmonious – at least in reference to guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds’s musical output.

Prominent heavy metal news sites MetalSucks and Metal Injection are reporting eyewitness accounts that allegedly describe Hinds as being, “incredibly intoxicated, fucking up songs intentionally, and eventually storming off the stage leaving the rest of the band stranded.”

MetalSucks observed the following during the band’s recent show in Oakland, California:

“Brent seemed off from the beginning, staggering a bit and not stepping up to sing his lines. I’m pretty sure he damn near collapsed at least once.  Troy once ran to the mic, nearly pushing Brent over, in an effort to sing Brent’s lines.  Brent continued to throw in wild solos where there should be words, throwing his guitar around and running off stage. While there seemed to be major technical issues, mostly with his monitor from what I could tell, he became less and less involved in the performance to the point where he even stopped playing and simply yelled in to the mic something around the lines of “I love heavy metal…..No I don’t.”

In related news, Mastodon’s other guitarist Bill Kelliher only recently returned to the fold after suffering a case of pancreatitis.

Let us hope this is just an isolated incident and a case of rock stars being rock stars.

Fans can read both full news accounts below:
Metal Injection

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  1. PunkRawk101

    He was so fucked up on drugs and booze in LA he started on SOAD bass player who kindly kicked the shit out of him putting him in hospital for weeks

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