Darkside Journey (ex-Veil of Maya) makes available debut EP

Darkside Journey is the solo project of 22 year old guitarist/songwriter Scott Okarma.

Based out of Champaign, IL and Milwaukee, WI, Okarma developed his professional work ethic while playing with various bands during his teens, including a season of touring in Veil of Maya that established his anytime, anyplace touring mentality.

He used this do-it-yourself work ethic to write, record, and produce all of the uncompromising music featured on the C.D. during his tenure at the University of Illinois.

Darkside Journey plays heavily atmospheric instrumental music that flows between aural illustrations with a style that resembles an eclectic mix of genres including melodic metal, experimental, and progressive rock. However, the music is better characterized by the traits that define its sound than the genres it loosely resembles. The songs are comprised of memorable and unique riffs, a blending o 6, 7, and 8-string guitars, thick percussive build-ups, tasteful guitar leads, and nuanced hypnotic choruses, all the while building upon the same driving beat.

The debut EP entitled Pervasive Solitary features 5 tracks and over 20 minutes of music.

The album’s themes deal with reflection and contemplation, seclusion, detachment, and the vastness of existence. Time and Space transforms from a space-rock prelude into a captivating hybrid of thrash and experimental rock. Derelict’s layered verses and choruses create a huge wall of sound that eventually climax into a hypnotic chorus. Paroxysm is a massive rock anthem that transforms mid-song into a driving exhibition of melodic metal. Dreamscape features a soporific space-rock sound, utilizing an air-like quality that culminates into a flurry of densely-layered leads. Finally, Muse mixes up-tempo progressive rock with a driving force that opens up to a vast landscape of metal.

Few musical acts are able to so tastefully blend instant accessibility with experimentation, convention with progression, and classic influences with a forward-thinking mentality. And even fewer are resourceful enough to do it themselves.

The full album download/stream is available here

To learn more about the project click here

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