Mastodon film score in jeopardy

Mastodon’s musical contribution to upcoming film ‘Jonah Hex’ appears in doubt following the introduction of a new composer.

The band’s axeman Brent Hinds affirmed recently that the change of musical composers, which has seen John Powell replaced by Marco Beltrami has inevitably led to a change in direction.

Hinds had the following to say to NY Mag:

"I’d heard a little rumor (sic): ‘This shit ain’t gonna be ready.’ But then again, Warner Bros. is such a fucking bastard. They’re like, ‘The shit comes out on the day it’s supposed to.’ But what do I know? I’m just the dude to whom they’re like, ‘Hey, play some crazy fuckin’ music!”

“All of a sudden, there’s this new guy, who went in a different direction…I blew my wad over there…It was some of the best shit I’ve ever written in my life. Now I’m just trying to finish with as much patience as possible," he said.

Read the full article here.

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