Bleeding Through track-by-track rundown

Orange County metallers Bleeding Through have recently discussed the themes and ideas behind each song on their newly released album.

Speaking to Alternative Press, the band’s front man Brandan Schieppati talks about each individual song on the new self-titled album, released in Australia last Friday.

Schieppati elaborates that ‘Anti-Hero’ looks at the history of the band and the current state of heavy music today.

“Every single song [on this album] has to do with the past and being a band for a decade, overcoming adversity and being labelled as a trend. This song is about [younger] bands coming up to you and saying that you’re an inspiration to them and they thank you for your existence. You just take a step back and look at their band and don’t agree with the way they run it and it’s weird that they see you as an inspiration. I just don’t agree with the way a lot of bands these days run their band,” he tells Alternative Press.

Moreover, Bleeding Through explores the relationship with the music media. “We did a feature once for a magazine that I’ll keep nameless, and they said that we were basically done. The interviewer just didn’t like our band and tried to get under skin. It was weird because we were still touring and putting out records and everything,” Schieppati said.

Fans can read the full article here.

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