Norma Jean issue album update

Norma Jean front man Cory Brandan has informed fans of the progress of the group’s new album in an extensive web blog recently.

Brandan provided insight into the band’s fifth studio album, tentatively titled ‘Meridional’ on Decibel Magazine’s website. The Norma Jean vocalist writes in depth about the recording process and the sound of the new record.

“It’s a heavy record, multifaceted with some epic sounding, experimental songs, some fast, chaotic songs, and some melodic, commanding interludes. Any track we didn’t think had reached its utmost sonic prowess was given a second look, revised to be as powerful as possible,” Brandan tells Decibel.

Furthermore, Brandan attests that the new record will offer the fans a sense of purpose. “I think a lot of bands will say they don’t care what anyone thinks. I started to realize (sic) how selfish that actually is. I know with this record our fans will find that we also found something to purposely give,” he writes.

Norma Jean’s last studio album was 2008’s ‘The Anti-Mother’. You can check out a video of a new song entitled ‘Kill More Presidentshere.

Fans can read the lengthy web blog and view studio pics here.

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  1. Tin Heart

    this is excellent news, although while i doubt they will ever return to their former glory days, hopefully another step forward into new waters will deliver better than The Anti-Mother did…

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