Refused: The Shape of Punk STILL to come?

Refused have posted a cryptic message on their official website that seems to indicate that a reformation or at the very least some form of release may be on the cards.

The message simply states "REFUSED" coming soon… and comes in the wake of rumours that the band have been rehearsing secretly somewhere in Sweden and that they are soon to be confirmed for some major European festivals.

While a reformation still seems unlikey, considering how certain the band seem to of been when stating repeatedly that Refused is dead, the fact the message has appeared on an official page and that none of the members have come out to deny it seems to indicate that something potentially very exciting is afoot involving the Swedish legends.

*Fingers crossed its not a hoax*

8 Responses to “Refused: The Shape of Punk STILL to come?”

  1. dropbear

    @TreCoolness (4): Probably cos yer a Greenday noob who probably hasn’t even listened to Dookie yet. Grow the fuck up. Either that or we just got trolled.

  2. Leightonsnow

    @trecoolness (4): start listening to good music you stupid twat, honestly go back to the closet where you came from. im hoping they reform but im doubting it and if they do i dont think we would see them hit Aus shores.

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