Green Day: American Idiot movie a possibility

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has confirmed that Tom Hanks’ production company has expressed interest in turning the band’s 2004 concept album, “American Idiot”, into a feature film.

American Idiot” has already made the transition into a Broadway show that tells the coming-of-age story of three small-town friends, but it now appears as through Tom Hanks is in talks to acquire the films rights to the musical.

Talking to the WSJ, Armstrong said that he had not discussed it with Hanks but that there was definite interest from the actor’s production company.

It’s like, writing the song ‘American Idiot,’ and then next thing you know Tom Hanks is talking about it — it’s kind of mind-blowing,” Armstrong said.

"They’ve been talking about it. It’s a little on the early side to say what’s going to come of that. It’s really fun to think about, though.”

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23 Responses to “Green Day: American Idiot movie a possibility”

  1. TreCoolness

    best concept album of all time. any1 who disagrees has no say because i know that if they say otherwise they would’ve only heard songs like American Idiot, Holiday, Boulevard (etc.),Wake Me Up (etc.)

  2. titsmcgee

    TreCoolness you have just mentioned four songs of why people would disagree its the best concept album. That is approximately 25% of the songs on that album, how can it be the best concept album ever even if you agree a quarter of it is rubbish?

  3. lockie_Murders

    a little bias that you have tre cools picture in as your default? so im going to take anything you say with a paper bag full of poop. it was an ok album for the time but the music media industry grabbed onto it and absolutely rapped the shit out of it. this is a great example of tom hanks still being stuck in slow motion from his forest gump role and not getting that no one really cares anymore.

  4. TreCoolness

    have you ever thought that maybe the industry grabbed it becoz it WILL be a classic?? coz your view is “if it gets popular it’s crap” coz then in that case the greatest albums of all time are nothing?. just a few examples of some of my fave albums.

    Nevermind.. DEVOURED by he industry
    Appetite For Destruction?? ^^ also devoured

    All GREAT albums i’m almost sure you’d agree. They too got gobbled up into the industry but simply becoz they are not from this day in age they never got judged?

    (p.s far from biased yeah i love Green Day always have been my fave band but my favorite genres are industrial, progressive etc.)

  5. lockie_Murders

    care – i do not. californication was actually a good album. American idiot was mediocre album made to be bigger then it was ever going to be on its own. nice chatting with you but truth is if they do make a movie, it will be shit.

  6. josh238

    great album, but hardly “the greatest concept album of all time”, Kanye. most of the songs barely even touched the “storyline”, pretty much only those two nine-minute songs at either end of the album actually built any kind of narrative. go listen to Meatloaf or The Who if you want a great concept album. American Idiot just threw the names of the characters into a couple of songs and called it a concept album… yeah, no. good album, will almost definitely be a shit movie.

  7. willscarlett

    American idiot was BALLS BALLS BALLS.. TreCoolness needs to find a band that thinks outside of TRE chord songs… (see what I did there?)

  8. TreCoolness

    @lockie_Murders (9): you don’t care becoz it’s true.. the greatest albums ever were all treated exactly the same as AI

  9. TreCoolness

    @josh238 (10): *facepalm* i could tell you the WHOLE story. I can listen to the album start to finish and thru each song hear the story scene by scene

  10. lockie_Murders

    @TreCoolness (15): go bitch somewhere else, your on your own. if you think you can make out some kind of story from that album then you are an American Idiot (see that!?)

  11. TreCoolness

    @lockie_Murders (16): ahahah just because what i said is true?! (i noticed that rather than admitting what i said is true about other classics you ignored and went on about the story 🙂 congratulations you’re a douche)

  12. Metalocalypse

    I swear you dicks know fuck all! Greatest concept album ever is obsolete by fear factory! Fucking thing even has a story to go with each song! Fuck green day!!!! Only people with an iq under 60 like this new shit green day put out.

  13. jackp

    True. Mastodon have also produced some great concept albums (stuff about Moby Dick and mythical creatures but it suits their brand of metal I suppose)

  14. jumpingships

    I agree with the first comment. Trainwreck was 5 times the album that american idiot is and still isn’t the greatest concept. TreCoolness every thing about you screams bias 14 year old fan girl.

  15. sensesdale

    a great concept album would be about a man who went and killed all three members of green day as soon as dookie or maybe insomniac came out because all the albums they have done since have both sucked and blowed thanks to fucking green day whenever you are searching for anything by the brilliant band good riddance your first results are that fucked up song time of your life they did… billie joe should have been at least shot and paralised for writing that song !

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