Bleeding Through talk new album

With an Australian tour just around the corner, Orange County metal group Bleeding Through have elaborated on aspects of their new album.

The band’s keyboardist and sole female member, Marta Peterson recently chatted to Altsounds about their new self-titled album due out on April 13.

Peterson says the new songs posted on the band’s MySpace page are representative of the album and sound of the group. “It is a pretty good preview I guess. Thrash, fast and black metal. It’s a good preview, although there are a handful of melodic parts throughout the album,” she told Altsounds.

Moreover, Peterson attests that the Black Metal sound present in the band’s sound will remain prominent. "Bleeding Through always (have) had a black metal influence even though some of the albums are a little less obvious or a little lighter. It is always something I think Bleeding Through wanted to incorporate.”

Bleeding Through are touring nationally this coming week as part of the Black Procession tour.

You can read the full interview here.
Fans can listen to songs off the new album here.

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