Confession post second tour video

Australia’s kings of nu mosh metal Confession have posted the second tour video of the band’s current European tour with For The Fallen Dreams and Azriel.

Click here to watch the video, and if you missed the band’s first tour video, you can watch that here.

11 Responses to “Confession post second tour video”

  1. calfailure

    What makes them think anyone actually gives a shit what they are doing in europe? two or three update videos a week?
    get over yourselves.

  2. lockieb

    fuck no if prom queen get back together it better not be with crafter….he can stay in confession….btw a bit of inside scoop on confession, they kicked out the new guitarist already coz he stole $3500 while the rest of the band were alseep on the pwd tour…thats right, i bring the news to a website dedicated to bringing news to people

  3. lockie_Murders

    this isn’t even news. whats happening to this site the last couple of months. and the only way prom queen will come back is if they all start running out of money. Jona is busy with “bring me the gaylord”, JJ is in the studio with deez nuts etc. so no chance. and crafter, stop trying to make mistake big, not going to work.

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