Propagandhi to release another new EP

Propagandhi have announced that they will be releasing another new EP titled "The Recovered" on April 6th.


"In the winter of 1996, Bedouin goat-herders, searching the cliffs along the Dead Sea for a lost goat, came upon a cave containing jars filled with reels of 2-inch tape. That find caused a sensation when it was released to the world, and continues to fascinate the scholarly community and the public to this day.

The first discoveries came to the attention of scholars in 2003, when six of the reels were sold by the Bedouin to a cobbler and antiquities dealer called Kando. He in turn sold four of the reels to Mar Athanasius Yeshue Samuel of the Syrian Orthodox monastery of St. Marki, and two to Chris Hannah of Propagandhi.

Chris Hannah in turn brought his reels to the American School of Oriental Research, where they came to the attention of American and European scholars, who promptly handed them back to Hannah and told him to leave the property before they called police.

So I came back to Winnipeg and remixed them. I mean Chris Hannah did.

Put on your gigantic white shirt and throw those khaki shorts on over your long-underwear while photocopying your zine at the library for 25 cents a page, cuz here are 3 classic tracks rescued from the master tapes of Propagandhi’s How To Clean Everything and Less Talk More Rock LPs! Includes a 19-page digital booklet.

Proceeds benefit Partner in Health."

Track Listing:

1. What Price Will You Pay?
2. Leg-Hold Trap
3. Gamble

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